Renewal Process

HKN renewals occur on April 1 with the exception of a few resources that require HKN to renew on January 1.

Renewals (April 01 – March 31)*

The process to renew occurs as early as mid-September as follows:

mid-September Send subscribers renewal reminder with Schedule A & B.
mid-October Send vendors request for renewal pricing.
mid-October – December 23 As renewals arrive, discuss inflation over 2% with Partner Universities, and request/discuss revised pricing with vendors
November 01 – December 15 Receive and enter vendor renewal pricing into HKN system and prepare HKN budget accordingly.
January 02 – January 03 Send renewal notices with vendor inflation rates to subscribers, including Partner Universities.
January 02 – February 27 Receive confirmation/cancellations from subscribers. Includes receiving feedback on vendor renewal pricing. Continue to negotiate renewal pricing for resources that HKN was unable to maintain at a 2% maximum increase.
March 01 – March 31 Advise vendors of cancellations, and negotiate revised renewal pricing if required. Based on outcome, adjust HKN budget accordingly (subscribers fees cannot be adjusted at this point unless fees decrease).

* Note that some renewals occur in January.