Conflict of Interest

HKN staff and Executive comply with their respective employers’ policies.

HKN also explicitly states that the HKN Librarian, the Executive, and all employees of HKN must comply with the following guidelines:

  • Any Executive or employee of the HKN shall not accept any personal gifts from vendors. If a vendor sends a box of chocolates or something that can be shared in the workplace, these shall be put out for joint shared consumption.
  • With regard to dining with vendors, generally HKN will pay to host the vendor when they are on the University of Calgary or University of Alberta campus. This may be reciprocated by the vendor on a subsequent visit. HKN employees and executive may attend dinners hosted by vendors at conferences, and receive trade show prize draws, and similar.
  • Asking vendors for sponsorship should not be undertaken by a person who makes decisions regarding purchases from that vendor. For example, if Executive or HKN employees are involved in organizing a conference, these individuals should not be asking vendors for sponsorships.