HKN is governed by two Partners and three Executive Committee members. The Partners are the University Librarians of the University of Calgary and University of Alberta. The Executive Committee consists of the HKN Librarian and the Head of the Health Sciences Library from each Partner University.


The two Partners have equal decision-making power and a consensus on all decisions must be reached before a decision is passed.

The Partners set the vision and mission, and provide high-level direction and policy. They approve the annual business plan and budget upon which the Executive Committee acts. They support, but are not directly involved in, HKN operations.

There is an annual Partners Meeting. Additional meetings may be called by either Partner. When appropriate, stakeholders may be invited to the annual meeting.

Each Partner may appoint an individual to represent them at the Partners Meetings in the event the Partner is unable to be present.

The Chair of HKN is selected at the annual Partners Meeting for a two-year term, and alternates between the University of Calgary and the University of Alberta.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee implements the vision and mission of HKN and prepares, for presentation to the Partners at the annual Partners Meeting, the:

  • Business Plan
  • Annual Budget
  • Annual Report

The Executive Committee members are responsible for ongoing communication between and among the Partners. They are responsible for seeking input and cooperation, and the coordination of resources from within their institutions.

The Chair of the Executive Committee is the member from the Partner institution not represented by the Chair of HKN. The Committee operates by consensus.

Organizational Chart