How HKN Operates

Through consortia agreements with international publishers and aggregators we:

  • Identify authoritative, evidence-based health care information;
  • Research and promote consortium opportunities;
  • Negotiate fair and equitable pricing on behalf of subscribers;
  • Negotiate agreements that protect our subscribers’ usage rights, and
  • Provide support to our subscribers to ensure uptake of their licensed resources.

Our Services

  • Licensing – e-journals; e-books; point-of-care tools; bibliographic databases
  • Training – HKN works with university librarians and vendors to provide on-site training. Links to web-based tutorials and manuals are also available on our Training page.
  • Technical Support -  HKN coordinates and trouble shoots technical support to ensure seamless, and uninterrupted access to the licensed resources.
  • Link Resolver – HKN has an agreement with Ovid Technologies to provide Linksolver to our subscribers. Linksolver links seamlessly from any bibliographic index to a subscriber’s full text journal article.

To see what HKN subscribers are currently licensing go to Resources.

Our Model

  • No membership fees -  HKN is subscriber-based.
  • Opt in/out - Subscribers only pay for the resources they need. No core package is required.
  • Cost recovery - In lieu of membership fees, subscribers pay a fee for each subscription. As per our Principles these fees are never more than the direct cost from the publisher.